Securus Technologies: Implementing Wireless Containment Systems To Tackle The Problem Of Cell Phones In Prisons

Securus Technologies has been a company that has consistently been able to deliver some of the best communications technology to prisons all over the country. The company has been offering top-tier communication services for over a decade and continues to develop and grow as they progress in the industry. The goal of the company if to be able to provide prisons with services that can help their inmates maintain a slight connection with their friends and families while adhering to the rules and regulations that have been imposed on them. In addition, Securus Technologies also aims to be able to help the legal system and maintain public safety through the implementation of several services that can benefit all.


One of the most recent implementations that Securus Technologies was known for was the Wireless Containment Systems in the country. Prisons all over the country were constantly facing the problem of inmates using cell phones that weren’t being authorized. They were mainly doing this because the phone lines that they were permitted to use were being monitored by the authorities that Securus Technologies put into place. Inmates who wanted to communicate with their allies on the outside to conduct anything illegal would have to do so through private lines, which led to the emergence of excessive cell phones in prisons.


Securus Technologies was urged to take measures to tackle this problem after several incidents arose after the emergence of these cell phones. One such incident led to a number of attacks on a correctional officer who had intercepted a package that an inmate wanted to smuggle into the prison. The inmate held a grudge against him and decided to use a private line to call for a hit on him. The correctional officer was, however, able to defend himself but did sustain a number of serious injuries.


Through this new system that Securus Technologies has implemented, inmates can try and smuggle phones, but they will not be able to do anything with them. The wireless containment systems are meant to block any kind of cell phone service in a particular area, thereby rendering cell phones useless. People cannot make calls, send messages or use any kind of mobile internet on their phones to contact people and will have to rely on the prisons communication systems to be able to get in touch with their friends and family.


In the past, prisons would conduct searches that would often be unfruitful and not yield anything. Inmates would hide their cell phones so well that even correctional officers would not be able to find. The wireless containment systems are beneficial because they provide prisons to effectively deal with the problem, and not have to entirely rely on manpower to solve the problem.



Scott Rocklage Excels in Disease Research

Mytonis Dystrophy type 1 a genetic disorder that deteriorates muscles and organs until they no longer function. The disease affects about 1 in 8,000 people in the world and typically appears between the age of 20 and 30. The disorder is commonly referred to as Steinert disease. Learn more:


Scott Rocklage and his organization, Expansion Therapeutics, have been attempting to find cures and therapies for patients with DS1. In 2018 the company announced that it had raised an additional 55 million dollars to help fund the way to helping patients.


The rare disease occurs when fragments of DNA repeat themselves in an individual. These cloned sequence of DNA are the cause of RNA increase, which in turn, due to its toxic properties in high levels begin the muscle deterioration. Rocklage and Company are working to create medicines that attack the RNA and put a stop on the damage that mytonis dystrophy has caused. There is no known cure at the moment, but everyone at Expansion Therapeutics are excited to adventure into the unknown and possibly provide relief for thousands of hurting patients.


About Scott Rocklage


Scott Rocklage was a student at the University of California, MIT, and Berkeley and is now a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures. Rocklage joined the company in 2003 and in just two years he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry.


Before joining 5AM Ventures Rocklage spent two decades with other companies producing new FDA approved medicines. He has worked with companies such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, Relppsa, and Achaogen. Scott Rocklage currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. Scott Rocklage and the Research to Prevent Adult Muscular Dystrophy

In 2003 Dr. Scott Rocklage became a founding partner at 5AM Ventures. Today, he is a Managing Partner. 5AM Ventures provides start-up capital for businesses that develop research instruments and biopharmaceuticals, as well as financing research medical technology and life sciences research. Dr. Scott Rocklage was the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He was both president and CEO of Nycomed Salutar.


Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 (DM1) is a genetic condition that can lead to adults developing muscular dystrophy. DM1 affects breathing, the brain, spinal cord, hormones, endocrine system, the digestive system, and heart.


If a parent passes on the DM1 mutation the gene their child carries will be stronger than the parent’s DM1 gene. In the child’s offspring, the gene will be stronger still. As of this writing, there is no treatment for DM1.


A situation that 5AM Ventures and five other venture capital firms including RA Capital Management and Novartis Venture Fund have devoted $55.3 million to correct. The mutation in the Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 gene is the result of malfunctioning RNA. RNA transmits messages from the DNA to cells to regulate the synthesis of proteins.


For over a decade a research team led by Dr. Matthew Disney has been researching hereditary illnesses for which no effective treatment is available. These diseases which include DM1 are called Expansion Repeat Disorders. The perpetuation of a defective portion of DNA leads to overproduction of RNAs. Toxicity results when too much RNA has built-up.


Dr. Disney and his team’s strategy involves the use of Small Molecule Medications. Small Molecule Medications control biological processes. These meds are called Expansion Therapeutics. The treatment will specifically target the RNA causing the disease.


Dr. Disney expressed optimism that help for those suffering from Expansion Repeat Disorders is not far off.


Dr. Scott Rocklage has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 30 plus years. He has a BS in Chemistry from UC Berkeley. His PhD. in Chemistry is from MIT. He holds or co-holds more than 30 patents. Dr. Rocklage is responsible for the FDA approving Cubicin a treatment for skin infections and the MRI contrasting agent Omniscan.


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The Political and Polite Efforts of Educaiton Secretary Betsy DeVos

The education secretary Betsy DeVos was selected by President Trump for her work pushing for school vouchers and charter schools. She has additionally long been a republican chairwoman and a big donor in the state of Michigan. Who is Betsy DeVos though? There is much more to the education secretary then may be expected.


Education secretary Betsy DeVos is generally seen as a polite woman who comes from a wealthy billionaire family. The DeVos family are involved in political donations to the Republican party. DeVos herself has extended her interest in the affairs of her state beyond the political with her involvement in the charter and private school education system in the state of Michigan. Her interest in school vouchers and pushing for charter schools made her a shoe in for secretary of education in President Trump’s campaign. While Ttump himself is a larger than life figure in current politics, it may be expected that a polite, well to do woman like DeVos would go along with everything the president decides. Betsy DeVos has never been one to stick to polite niceties when she cares about something in the political world.


Although DeVos is mainly loyal to the president so as to help him further his agenda concerning the education system in the United States, she has stuck true to her own convictions as well. DeVos vocalized opposition to the Trump administration removing trandgender protections for students. She told Attorney General Jeff Sessions first of all about her issue with the decision on the part of the Trump administration to remove protections for transgender youth in school. Ultimately, DeVos went along with the Trump administration’s decision. Her decision to vocalize concern about the safety of students in the school system did result in the Trump administration rephrasing the letter of removal of the transgender policy removal and DeVos herself stating that the administration continues to be concerned about the safety of students. DeVos views the transgender policy and other education policy passed during the Obama years to be a clear sign of the overreach the Obama administration had over the school system. She stands with the political point of view that new policy must be put into place to protect students without having an overreaching enforcing arm over school policy.


While DeVos may be polite on the outside and the final result of her political efforts is often in a polite manner, she does know how to push firmly and strongly for her political point of view to be heard. Betsy DeVos and her family will continue to be a part of the political efforts of the conservative Republican Party in the United States. No doubt the American people will only continue to hear about Betsy DeVos and her influential family.


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Doe Deere: Passionate Queen of Unicorns

The “Queen of Unicorns” is a vibrant human being whose more official name is Doe Deere. Deere is an entrepreneur who has exploded onto the beauty scene and is quite the force to be reckoned with. Her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, is booming.

Deere grew up in Russia, and moved to New York as a teenager. Like many young people who come to the city, she came with a dream. Her dream was to become a musician. Deere says that being a musician taught her a lot of important things that have helped her gain success in the world of makeup. She has always had a knack for marketing and business though. At the age of 13 she made some cash selling temporary tattoos to classmates. She credits her temporary tattoo success to her marketing strategy of wearing them which made them look cool and showed other kids that it was okay to wear them.

Deere’s advice to other ambitious young women is to follow their hearts. She is quoted saying “ I believe that every person has something special about them, some kind of unique skill or quality that only they have in the world”. She feels that focusing in on that skill or quality is the key to a person reaching their fullest potential. In her interview with Guest of a Guest, she emphasized the importance of knowing oneself, and knowing that no person is too different or completely alone in their ways of thinking.

Lime Crime was born when Doe Deere realized that she was not the only one who gravitated towards the things she liked, and she could give people like her the things that she longed for in the beauty industry. She loves “bright and unusual colors” but could never find them in makeup stores because the “natural look” was all the rave. Deere hopes that Lime Crime products encourage people to be themselves, the same way makeup has done for her.

Customers can now express themselves with a variety of products such as, lipsticks, highlighters and hair dyes. The products can be found on the company website, but can also be found all over social media. Lime Crime is known for extensive social media following, and owes much of its success to social media platforms and their users. The products are also cruelty free and vegan, something that is very important to Deere. Customers can have fun changing up their looks without having to worry about whether the company treats animals ethically.

Doe Deere, the “Queen of Unicorns” is proof that one can combine all of their passions into something that not only supports them, but also does great things for the world.


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Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown to the tune on two hundred and fifty million dollars in only three years. This in no small achievement given Amazon controls nearly twenty percent on the fashion market. Unlike other companies Fabletics uses a subscription model to sell its product were customer experience, brand recognition and design are the companies focus for the modern customer. The Fabletics membership model seems to be paying off, opening a number of locations in Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California.


Fabletics has embraced reverse showrooming. Because of the membership model the company the company has turned a negative for its counterparts into a positive. With thirty to fifty percent of those that walk through the doors are already members and an additional twenty five percent become members in store. Data is also an important part of the companies success. Collecting local data on preference helps the company keep in stock items that appeal to its customers. The brand is based on fashion trends and preference data to determine satisfaction of the companies customers. With a growth rate of thirty five percent a year, growth is a factor in providing top quality products at great prices. The embrace of the new type of showrooming and customer experiences as well as scaling there ROI based Media is helping the company with its fast growth and allowing it to compete with Amazon.


Since the founding of Fabletics in twenty thirteen, the brand has been one based on empowerment. When TechStyle Fashion Group, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg needed a partner for there new athletic fashion brand Kate Hudson was the first person they thought of. A woman that is both approachable, humble, and with a very active lifestyle. It was just a perfect fit from the beginning. Kate was hands-on from the beginning whether reviewing budgets or social media strategies. Kate is very much one of the few celebrities that uses the products she endorses. She could never be anything but authentic.


The company did have a few hurdles along the way, such as some unexpected inventory delays. There was also some unwanted celebrity criticism from other celebrities such as Cher. Kate didn’t let anything get to her. She spearheaded the new customer service department and data system to insure proper inventory. Within eighteen months the company had a great rating on the Better Business Bureau and improved customer satisfaction score. With all this business success, you would think she would give up acting, but she says she is an actress and artist though and through.

Both Lazaro Brandao And Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Seek To Fight Technological Illiteracy

One of the largest banks in Brazil, Grupo Bradesco, has recently announced that major changes will be occurring to its top leadership.

The longtime head of the board of directors, Lazaro Brandao, will be stepping aside. In his place will be Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current CEO and more than 45-year employee of the bank.

Both executives have stated that they share, more or less, the same strategic view of the bank’s future. They will continue to seek to achieve organic growth while following competitive initiatives in all of their markets. Both men have stated that the current position of Bradesco is a strong one, enabling the bank many economies of scale and competitive advantages that it can use to gain an edge in most of its core markets.

But one of the main challenges that both Brandao and Trabuco Cappi see in the coming years is the large number of the bank’s customers and prospective customers that have no access to online banking facilities. Both Brandao and Trabuco Cappi were some of the earliest and strongest supporters of the development of user-friendly online banking platforms anywhere in Latin America. As early as the late 1990s, Bradesco had a fully functional online banking platform that immediately proved the concept and demonstrated that customers who use the online banking platform instead of traditional in-person banking facilities tend to be both more satisfied with their banking experience and cost orders of magnitude less than resource-heavy brick-and-mortar customers.

Read more: Aos 91 anos, Lázaro Brandão renuncia ao conselho de administração do Bradesco

This realization has led Bradesco to follow an aggressive strategy of rolling out new technologies every year. Today, the bank has among its portfolio of technologies the award-winning Next online banking platform, a system that allows clients to do virtually any banking task from the comfort of their own home or anywhere that they are able to connect to the internet via a mobile device. Systems such as online wire transfers, which are still not even common in the United States, enable Bradesco customers to enjoy a range of online banking options that is simply unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

But there is a problem. Over 13 million of the bank’s 27 million customers have no way of reliably connecting to the internet. Many of those customers have no means to connect online at all. This presents a huge challenge to the bank. If a large portion of these customers were able to connect online, it would not only allow them to enjoy far more positive overall banking experiences, it would also save Bradesco billions of dollars each year in human resource-related expenses.

Additionally, these customers are usually unable to connect online because they either have no access to internet-capable devices or because they are completely technologically illiterate. Both Brandao and Trabuco Cappi have stated many times that this is not just a dire problem and an urgent challenge for Bradesco, but it is also a serious issue confronting the country of Brazil as a whole. Getting these people up to speed on how to use the internet and allowing them access to it could not just improve their banking experience, it could mean sharply increased economic output for the country as a whole.

Although Brandao and Trabuco Cappi have been coy about their plans to confront this problem, there have been rumors that there may be promotions in the future that involve the giveaway of internet-capable devices with the opening of certain types of accounts. There has also been talk that Bradesco may be striking agreements with the government and other banks to bring the level of technological literacy in the country more in line with first-world levels.


Talk Fusion University Creates Business Leaders

Talk Fusion launched Talk Fusion University near the end of June 2017. According to Talk Fusion Founder & CEO, Bob Reina, this private, virtual center provides training in Reina’s proven four-step path to marketing success. Reina’s colleagues have long admired the self-made marketing sensation’s stellar work ethic and uncanny ability to harness team effort. This virtual training portal will not disappoint Talk Fusion followers. The University provides detailed and easily accessible content highlighting all aspects of the Talk Fusion phenomenon. Attendees can view more than 30 videos created by Reina to give others an insider’s perspective on the Talk Fusion business model.


Through the University, Reina seeks to reach global business leaders with a reasonably priced and proven means of driving performance. Reina presents best business practices and building a powerful team, the heart of any successful organization. Talk Fusion University is available in English and Bahasa with translations slated to include Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, German, French, Czech, and Chinese. Moreover, access is free of charge and is exclusively for Talk Fusion Associates. Learn more:


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, to help businesses thrive in a survival-based economy. Since its inception, Talk Fusion has focused on giving back to the global community as much as it has on improving the world’s fiscal health. Throughout 140 countries, hardworking and honest associates offer clients 30-day free trials to Talk Fusion’s innovative all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. Each face-to-face consultation is infused with Bob Reina’s own passion for people and the businesses they form.


Richard Blair Shares 7 Steps To Being A Successful Investor

Richard Blair is the founder of Austin based Investment Advisory firm Wealth Solutions. When Blair started this firm he did so with one goal in mind, to significantly impact the lives of families by showing them how to build and protect their wealth.


Since opening the firm in 1994 Blair has helped thousands of families, individuals and small business owners make smart investment moves that will enable them to retire comfortably.


Here are the 7 steps Richard Blair believes will make you a successful investor:


Start Now


If you haven’t started investing you need to start today. The sooner you start the better off you will be in the long run. Investing is a long term game. In order to benefit from compound growth you have to be patient and give your money time to grow.




This is something you have no doubt heard a million times. By diversifying your assets you are less likely to lose everything should one investment go bad.


Invest In Tax Deferred Plans


By investing in tax deferred plans such as profit sharing plans and 401(k)s you can avoid paying taxes on the money until you retire. This means you can invest more now and your money will grow faster.


Never Panic


There will be times when the market will fluctuate and it can incite panic all around. But you, being the smart investor you are, know that you should never panic. Bear markets come and go. The best thing for you to do is let it run its course and eventually things will be back on track.


Don’t Expect Miracles


Some of your investment decisions won’t pan out as you expected and you will more than likely lose money as a result. The key is to find the investments that are consistently under performing and get rid of them. That’s how you continue to get a return on your investments for years to come.


Buy and Hold


Most new investors will do what is known as cut and run. This means they change mutual funds on a yearly basis in an effort to acquire some of the hot performers from the previous year.


This is never a good idea as you may be dumping a good investment for something that is a flash in the pan. So focus on buying and holding. It is by far the smartest long term investment strategy.


Ask For Help


Never be afraid to seek help if you need it.


For more information, connect with Richard Blair on LinkedIn.


There are complicated reasons why companies may stop employee compensation by use of stock options. The value of the stock may fall significantly, making it difficult for the employees to exercise such options. Employees have also become wary of this method of compensation, owing to the reality of economic downturns, which are likely to diminish the financial viability of such options.

Another downside of stock options is the fact that certain associated costs may eliminate the advantages that may get derived from these benefits. On the other hand, employees refer to get salary increments, which can be considered more valuable.

There are several reasons why stock options are preferred. First, it provides substantive value to all employees, in a manner that is relatively easy to understand. Secondly, the effect of stock options on the employees is likely to result in the increased success of the corporation. It is because employees will be more affected by the performance of the company and are therefore expected to prioritize its success. Theories of motivation have often been used to explain this.

Jeremy Goldstein, a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, has explored solutions that can make it possible to get the benefits of stock options. He proposes the use of “knock-out,” a type of a barrier. Although they have the same vesting requirements, they are unique in the sense that employees lose them if the share value falls below a certain amount. This arrangement helps the corporation and the employees to get the benefits of stock options.

Jeremy has been involved in the legal industry for a long time. Notably, his experience in compensation schemes and corporate governance is spectacular. Before establishing his firm, he worked as a partner in a busy law firm.

With over 15 years’ experience in business law, Jeremy stands out as a reliable legal consultant. His law firm gets acclaimed for its professionalism and expertise. He has been involved in significant corporate transactions and holds several other prestigious positions in the legal profession.


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