The Political and Polite Efforts of Educaiton Secretary Betsy DeVos

The education secretary Betsy DeVos was selected by President Trump for her work pushing for school vouchers and charter schools. She has additionally long been a republican chairwoman and a big donor in the state of Michigan. Who is Betsy DeVos though? There is much more to the education secretary then may be expected.


Education secretary Betsy DeVos is generally seen as a polite woman who comes from a wealthy billionaire family. The DeVos family are involved in political donations to the Republican party. DeVos herself has extended her interest in the affairs of her state beyond the political with her involvement in the charter and private school education system in the state of Michigan. Her interest in school vouchers and pushing for charter schools made her a shoe in for secretary of education in President Trump’s campaign. While Ttump himself is a larger than life figure in current politics, it may be expected that a polite, well to do woman like DeVos would go along with everything the president decides. Betsy DeVos has never been one to stick to polite niceties when she cares about something in the political world.


Although DeVos is mainly loyal to the president so as to help him further his agenda concerning the education system in the United States, she has stuck true to her own convictions as well. DeVos vocalized opposition to the Trump administration removing trandgender protections for students. She told Attorney General Jeff Sessions first of all about her issue with the decision on the part of the Trump administration to remove protections for transgender youth in school. Ultimately, DeVos went along with the Trump administration’s decision. Her decision to vocalize concern about the safety of students in the school system did result in the Trump administration rephrasing the letter of removal of the transgender policy removal and DeVos herself stating that the administration continues to be concerned about the safety of students. DeVos views the transgender policy and other education policy passed during the Obama years to be a clear sign of the overreach the Obama administration had over the school system. She stands with the political point of view that new policy must be put into place to protect students without having an overreaching enforcing arm over school policy.


While DeVos may be polite on the outside and the final result of her political efforts is often in a polite manner, she does know how to push firmly and strongly for her political point of view to be heard. Betsy DeVos and her family will continue to be a part of the political efforts of the conservative Republican Party in the United States. No doubt the American people will only continue to hear about Betsy DeVos and her influential family.


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