Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Is Endorsed By End Citizens United

One of the things that make the American system of democracy so great is its ability to change over time. While the issue of big money is rising to the forefront of American politics, there is one organization that has spearheaded the effort to eliminate undue influence over our politicians.

This organization is known as End Citizens United. It is led by Tiffany Muller who is the current executive director and president of the political action committee. This political action committee has been comprised of grassroots funding methodologies. Since its initial founding, it has managed to grow itself to be one of the most significant political action committees found within the United States. During the first election cycle that it was able to take a part of it managed to generate $25 million in political donations. All of this was submitted to the Federal election commission to be audited in order to stay true to the organization’s mission purpose which is the elimination of big money in politics and to have our politicians remain accountable.

This year the organization has generated an additional $35 million in political contributions through the grassroots funding methods. The midterm elections grows ever nearer in the year of 2018 the races on to advocate for reformation of campaign finance laws. End Citizens United has endorsed a number of candidates for political positions that are in favor of their efforts. One such man is Cory Booker who has recently made an announcement that he would no longer accept donations from corporate political action committees. After this announcement End Citizens United gave him significant praise. This is just one in a string of recent announcements by politicians across the nation that are rejecting donations from corporations.

Cory Booker was remarked upon by Tiffany Muller president of End Citizens United. She said that he has demonstrated a level of commitments to his constituents that is commendable. He will be working with End Citizens United in order to change the political process so that everyone can have an equal vote in our American democracy.

Another politician has taken a similar pledge is Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand who has also recently announced that she would no longer accept corporate interest money. She is also endorsed by End Citizens United. Tiffany Muller has stated that Kirsten Gillibrand has a career that is built on a promise to lead by example. By rejecting money from corporate political action committees, she has demonstrated clear leadership and dedication to the people of New York. She has first-hand experience of how corporate mega-donors are able to manipulate Congress and to put politicians in their pockets. By making this announcement, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is taking a stand against big money.

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Securus Technologies: Implementing Wireless Containment Systems To Tackle The Problem Of Cell Phones In Prisons

Securus Technologies has been a company that has consistently been able to deliver some of the best communications technology to prisons all over the country. The company has been offering top-tier communication services for over a decade and continues to develop and grow as they progress in the industry. The goal of the company if to be able to provide prisons with services that can help their inmates maintain a slight connection with their friends and families while adhering to the rules and regulations that have been imposed on them. In addition, Securus Technologies also aims to be able to help the legal system and maintain public safety through the implementation of several services that can benefit all.


One of the most recent implementations that Securus Technologies was known for was the Wireless Containment Systems in the country. Prisons all over the country were constantly facing the problem of inmates using cell phones that weren’t being authorized. They were mainly doing this because the phone lines that they were permitted to use were being monitored by the authorities that Securus Technologies put into place. Inmates who wanted to communicate with their allies on the outside to conduct anything illegal would have to do so through private lines, which led to the emergence of excessive cell phones in prisons.


Securus Technologies was urged to take measures to tackle this problem after several incidents arose after the emergence of these cell phones. One such incident led to a number of attacks on a correctional officer who had intercepted a package that an inmate wanted to smuggle into the prison. The inmate held a grudge against him and decided to use a private line to call for a hit on him. The correctional officer was, however, able to defend himself but did sustain a number of serious injuries.


Through this new system that Securus Technologies has implemented, inmates can try and smuggle phones, but they will not be able to do anything with them. The wireless containment systems are meant to block any kind of cell phone service in a particular area, thereby rendering cell phones useless. People cannot make calls, send messages or use any kind of mobile internet on their phones to contact people and will have to rely on the prisons communication systems to be able to get in touch with their friends and family.


In the past, prisons would conduct searches that would often be unfruitful and not yield anything. Inmates would hide their cell phones so well that even correctional officers would not be able to find. The wireless containment systems are beneficial because they provide prisons to effectively deal with the problem, and not have to entirely rely on manpower to solve the problem.



Jose Hawilla and Becoming Your Own Business Owner

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of work and diligence. You need to be a go-getter and have a good idea behind you to make it work. Just because you have an idea of what you need or want to do does not mean that it is going to work. This is why a lot of entrepreneurs also need to have tons of patience, since overnight success if quite rare. It could take months or even years for you to see your company succeed, and this is why so many business owners give themselves this amount of time to ensure that they are doing something positive for themselves. Being your own business owner and having the personality to make it work is essential for when you want to leave the corporate world and do something that you truly feel passionate about.

One of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the world is known as Jose Hawilla. Jose Hawilla is the owner and founder of a company known as Traffic Group, which is a marketing firm specific to sports. This enables sports teams and players to receive the recognition that they need without having to figure out how they are going to do this on their own. Jose Hawilla founded the company back in 1980 after working as a sports journalist for many years. Since its inception and launch, Traffic Group along with Jose Hawilla have become increasingly popular all throughout Brazil. Check out

In fact, many people are choosing to use Jose Hawilla as an example of how to become their own entrepreneur. It is easy to see why, since Hawilla has been one of the most successful business owners in Brazil and throughout many areas of the world. You can find out more about Hawilla by visiting his social media sites or by checking out the company he owns and operates with the help of his many employees. In fact, Traffic Group has grown to be an incredibly large agency with many employees, so it is a wonderful choice for those who would like high-quality marketing from a good company. You can visit YouTube for more videos.