Neurocore – Treating ADHD and Depression, Without Drugs

It seems as though everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with depression or ADHD. While the diagnosis itself is alarming, what is even more disconcerting is how readily medications are handed out by doctors, with little regard for the potential side effects, especially with respect to ADHD medication and children. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Many experts agree that doctors have been too generous in handing out the ADHD diagnosis and too quick to prescribe medications that can make children aggressive, sleepy during the day time, wide awake at nighttime, and stunt growth, among other symptoms. These medications have also been known to alter a child’s personality–a once outgoing, energetic child will oftentimes become lazy, sluggish, and unmotivated.

Neurocore is a company that specializes in a technique called neurofeedback therapy, which has delivered incredible results in treating ADHD and depression, without the use of any drugs. The process is painless for the individual being treated–they simply sit in a quiet room, connected to electrodes, so neuropsychologists can monitor the patient’s brain activity and heart rate. Monitoring the brain activity allows the neuropsychologists to immediately see and analyze where the brain is too fast or too slow, and allow them to develop a treatment plan. Read more about Neurocore at

More than 70% of Neurocore’s patients are less dependent on their medications after completing neurofeedback therapy. It is important to note that treatment takes at least thirty sessions for it to have a meaningful impact, but the cost savings and health benefits of the patient being able to potentially forego prescriptions medications are invaluable.

With ADHD medications in particular, the underlying cause of the problem is not being treated. The symptoms are simply being masked by a drug. With Neurocore’s innovative therapy, the underlying cause is actually being treated and corrected, without the use of harmful drugs, and this treatment is a permanent fix rather than a temporary Band-Aid.

Neurocore doesn’t only treat individuals with ADHD; they also help people suffering from depression. By using the same neurofeedback therapy technique, Neurocore is able to monitor the patient’s brain and pinpoint where the brain is too fast or too slow. And as with ADHD patients, this technique helps to develop a plan to train the brain to come up to optimal speed.

While traditional prescription medications to treat ADHD and depression can be effective, they come at significant cost–both financial and medical. Neurocore’s innovative approach to treating these ailments can potentially eliminate those two risks, while also solving the root cause of ADHD and depression, unlike prescription medication.


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