Madison Street Capital Provides Counsel to Professional Pipe INC.

To compete in the global marketplace, companies are striving to stay ahead of the game. For your business to thrive, many factors come into play. Nowadays entrepreneurs are seeking advice from experts to guide them in achieving their goal. Most CEOs do not know the value that drives their business, but with the help of an advisory consultant, they are going to make it easier for them. Madison street capital has come through for many startups and enterprises to ensure their growth and success.


Madison street capital is a well-known international investment banking company that focuses on providing corporate financial advisory services, acquisition expertise and financial opinions to both private and government parastatals. The firm is committed to excellence, leadership and integrity to provide quality services to its clients. Madison street capital has helped many people to succeed in the global market. The company gives an end to end guideline to guarantee a client’s success. They take note of the customer’s goals and objectives and give appropriate advice from finance, capital raising and ownership. Madison street capital has won the hearts of many and has guaranteed trust to their clients across the world.


Recently, on an article published on Madison Street Capital gave exclusive advisory services to Professional pipe, Inc. (PPI). PPI is a company that deals with designing and installing piping process to factories. The major capitalization of the firm was by KJM Capital, LLC. John Tyson, president of PPI, was grateful for the counsel of the Madison Street capital team. Though the process was challenging, the investment banking firm guided the PPI to achieve its goal.


Kenneth Master of KJM Capital, LLC commented on the partnership and said he is pleased with the transaction with PPI and impressed with the continued success in providing the piping services to the food industries. Kenneth is hopeful that the company will lead in the industry. Jay Rodgers, the senior managing director of Madison Street capital, congratulated the PPI team for their constant exceptional performance for over 40 years since it was founded. The company’s primary mission is to match entrepreneurs with the right partners to boost their businesses. For example, they managed to merge KJM Capital with PPI to improve its general performance.


Madison Street Capital is a privately owned company headquartered in Chicago and has been in existence for than 13 years now. They provide their services in North America, Africa, and Asia. They provide counsel to many industries in the business world, from technology, healthcare, distribution, real estate, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, mining, energy and the finance sector. In 2017, they were honored to win 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, in the debt financing category.


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