Jeunesse Global: The Next Olay?

Jeunesse Global is an emerging skincare and healthcare company that has been making a name in the beauty and lifestyle industry for years. This company simply wants to help change peoples’ lives by reaching out to as many people as they can throughout the world. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started Jeunesse on September 9, 2009, at 9 P.M. They picked this specific time because the number 9 represents longevity. They wanted to start this company with the principle of not just a surviving lifestyle, but also one that is of thriving in this world. To do this, they have shared their products that enhance one’s youth through direct selling.

Jeunesse has called their collection of products the Y.E.S: Youth Enhancement System. These products were thoroughly and carefully developed to create a harmonious system of skincare and supplements that are unique to the brand. For example, one part of this system is called “Enhance.”

The “Enhance” part of this system consists of two products called AM & PM essentials. These are dietary supplements, one to take in the morning, and respectively, one to take at night. The morning supplement is made with amaranth, royal jelly, fish oil, turmeric, green tea, and different types of algae. This morning supplement also contains the vitamins and minerals needed for one’s morning needs and helps the body be at peak performance.

Jeunesse’s P.M. essentials are made to help maintain the body’s natural circadian rhythm, resulting in restful, uninterrupted sleep. It also helps your body create new cells while you sleep. This product contains valerian root, royal jelly, rosemary extract, turmeric, and tomato lycopene. It also contains vitamins and minerals that improve well-being and overall health.

Jeunesse is an emerging, unique brand that simply wants to help change the world and to have people look and feel the best that they can. They have been reaching out to communities worldwide while changing and improving them simultaneously. This company is changing the way the industry is run and will continue to do so as they emerge as one of the most well-known brands.

Vijay Eswaran: Taking His Businesses To The Next Level

I have become a huge fan of Vijay Eswaran, and much of my appreciation of this writer and CEO has to do with his big heart. He is one of those leaders that recognizes that life and work should not be two completely separate entities. He believes in spirituality in the workforce, and he certainly thinks that everyone has the capacity to become successful. This is one his best attributes. He understands people, and I think that this makes him a wonderful leader. There have been times where I have secretly wished that I worked for this QNet company. I know nothing about direct selling, but I feel like I could learn without the pressure that most people endure simply because he seems patient.

I can tell that Vijay Eswaran is compassionate because he has given so many times before. He goes that extra mile to give back to those that have less. He understands the law of giving in order to receive. He doesn’t have to do this is get people to patronize his business. He has been on the Forbes list of the richest Malaysians so he doesn’t really need to make his name or his company known. In fact, one might say that Eswaran treats his mission for giving as a totally separate thing from his company. He doesn’t come out promoting partnerships with other companies when he comes to speak to people. There is no company advertising in place when it comes to give money to a charity. He is clearly not trying to win patrons over by doing these things. For Eswaran, it is the other way around. He is able to give back and engage in motivational speaking because people have already given. People are already patronizing his company, and Vijay feels like this is the least that he can do to show his appreciation.

There are not a lot of company leaders that recognize what others are doing for them. Many executives are money hungry, and they don’t have any desire to give back. Eswaran, however, is able to do something different. He can focus and realize that people aren’t just customers; people are humans with feelings. He looks at the sum total of the actions that he is taking. This is what makes him such a wonderful leader. I hope that I will get the opportunity to meet him one day. I have traveled to Malaysia before, but I didn’t know anything about him on my initial trip. I have read some of his books, and I am certain that his speaking engagements are life-changing. He is such a terrific person because he is rich, but he is still so unbelievably humble.

Boraie Development Where Lifestyle Meets Luxury

Strategically located in the heart of New Brunswick, New Jersey, The Aspire provides the sophisticated lifestyle needed by the today tenants. Coming with a total of 238 residential units, this development comprises of studio apartments, one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments, The Aspire is only a few steps away from the New Brunswick Train Station. The apartments are surrounded by state of the art amenities. The presence of a 24- hour doorman together with an on-site maintenance and management provide tenants with a sense of security. The building also comes with an attached parking area that has direct elevator access to the lobby.


Each unit has its own storage and indoor bike storage as well as a rooftop sundeck and garden that has enough space for outdoor BBQ. Residents can keep fit at the fitness and yoga center. The charges for this facility are included in the monthly rent. Other facilities also include a neighborhood nightlife, dining, and shopping center. In the event of a situation that calls for the attention of a healthcare practitioner, residents can walk to the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System, Children’s Cancer Institute which is located directly adjacent to the Aspire.


The Aspire dream came into conception in 2013 when basketball star Shaquille O’Neal came into partnership with a prominent New Brunswick developer, Boraie Development. Having grown up in Newark, this was more like giving back to the society that raised the basketball star to what he is today. The Aspire is one among the many projects that O’Neal and Boraie are working on to birth commercial and housing development in some of the distressed areas of the state. This partnership brought huge attraction with Shaquille lending money and star power to a local developer who has a great experience and political contacts.  For more info you can checkout


Their partnership is aimed at urban downtowns in New Jersey. The Aspire is among many projects the team is planning to unveil. Other than residential units, O’Neal and company are planning to work on a movie theatre, retail complex, market-rate housing tower and three other developments in Newark. Working on various development projects in Jersey is one way of giving back to the city he spent his youth in and a smart investment at the same time. Boraie Development has been in the real estate business for some good time and has pulled great projects in the past. The partnership between O’Neal and Boraie is a great deal for the development of New Jersey. You can visit to see more.