WEN by Chaz was Created Specifically to Address the Different Issues People have with Their Hair

Maintaining a healthy hair takes a lot more effort today than it did about ten years ago. This is in large part due to the way young people use hairstyles to reflect their moods. In addition to the damage hair obtains from exposure to high wind and sun, it also becomes damaged from over processing and over styling. Even using some of the peroxide free hair dyes can still strip away the natural oils that help protect hair. In addition, many shampoos can contain harsh ingredients designed to remove the residue left behind from styling agents such as hair gels. Unfortunately, harsh sulfates also remove the natural oils produced by the scalp that are needed to keep hair soft and flexible.


In answer to the issues women on Facebook had with their hair, hairstylist Chaz Dean chose to create a new type of hair cleansing product. Wen by Chaz was designed to not only restore softness and flexibility to damaged hair, it was also made to reduce the amount of time and the number of products needed to accomplish this feat. Rather than create separate products to clean and nourish hair, Chaz Dean created a unique cleansing formula in variations designed to meet the different issues people have with their hair. All variations of the Wen cleansing conditioners contain cleansing agents as well as the properties for deep conditioning and detangling. https://www.qvc.com/wen/_/N-1z141dz/c.html


Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioners are made using essences found in nature. The fig version of the Wen cleansing conditioners contains natural fig extracts as well as extracts from wild cherry, marigold and chamomile. This particular version of Wen is formulated to add moisture into hair that has been damaged due to over processing. The addition of wheat protein, vitamin B5 and natural almond oil also helps to strengthen hair while keeping it soft and manageable.

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