Scouting for Talents Who Can Join the Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo is a wealthy Italian businessman who currently owns the Watford Football Club. He is from the influential Pozzo family, and he is the child of football enthusiasts Gianpaolo Pozzo and Giuliana Pozzo. The family owned three football clubs in the past, which includes the Udinese Calcio Club, purchased by his father back in the year 1986; the Watford Football Club, purchased by Gino Pozzo in 2012; and the Granada F.C., a Spanish football club that was recently sold to a Chinese businessman in 2016 for €37 million.

The Pozzo family also invests in a lot of business. They have a woodworking business which was sold in 2008 to support their football clubs. The family also owns an electrical appliance business, which has several branches all over Spain. Recently, the Pozzo family also decided to enter the property and financial sector because of the huge profit that can be generated from these industries.

Gino Pozzo’s interest in football started when he was young. As he moved to the United States when he was 18 years old, his perception of the world of football changed. Shortly after he graduated from Harvard University, he decided to focus more on becoming a football club owner.

He purchased Watford Football Club in 2012 and decided to move to London to see the condition of the players. He wanted to move the football club to higher ranks, so he consulted his father and asked him about the tips on how his football club can become better when it comes to their performance.

What Gino Pozzo currently does is that they are scouting new players for the football club, and investing heavily in them. He wanted to search for the best talents all over the world, and he believes that they can be trained to become an asset for the club. His passion for football is overwhelming, and many believed that it is his key to success.

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Heather Perry: Artist Stories Expected

Film and TV production Live Nation has come to an exceptional reception of its latest documentary film “Believer”. This documentary was screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

Heather Parry

Believing in believer

The film follows Dan Raynolds, the singer of the Imagine Dragons, and his struggle with his own Mormon faith, but it also deals with the increasing number of suicides among teenagers in Yuta, especially among LGBT population. Along with Taylor Glen, the lead singer of the Neon Trees, who is a Mormon and also an openly gay, Dan is fighting to organize a concert. The concert will gather both, members of the Mormon faith, and young people belonging to the LGBT community, despite the opposition from the church.

The “Believer” was one of the prominent films at the Sundance Festival, winning second place in a total of 123 films.

A Star Is Born

Heather Parry, the president of Live Nation Productions, involved her company working on a movie “A Star Is Born”. It’s the Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut in which Cooper has the main role along with Lady Gaga. This is the fourth remake of the famous 1937. Movie.

As many from the Industry think – Heather Perry brought the unbelievable energy to Live Nation Productions. The Entertainment Industry got its new live-entertainment giant when Perry started the company at the end of 2015. December of 2015

From that time, this company has launched out the documentaries: “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story” – Sean “Diddy” Combs documentary. The real boom the company made with Lady Gaga’s documentary called “Five Foot Two”. Afterward comes “Believer,” and many, many others… In the past few years, Heather Perry has learned to maximize Live Nation’s capacity in order to promote some music-related films. This was fully exploited with the movie “A Star Is Born.”

Also, for the past few years, Live Nation has become a story generator. Heather Parry’s Live Nation also house Maverick Management in its offices. Several of Parry’s projects were emerged almost out of nowhere. She even didn’t have to leave her office.

Live Nation with Heather Perry as its driving power is a place where things just happening.

Even Perry herself concludes: “Talk about synergy: You light a candle and an artist appears!”