How Rocketship Education Responded to Biased Reports

Anya Kamenetz, the leading blogger for one of the popular sites in the United States published some report recently. The blogger was questioning the effectiveness of the educational program that has been used in Rocketship Education in the recent times. Anya felt that the teaching models and internal activities that take place in this school are not the best, and they cannot be responsible for the results that have been announced by the prestigious school. Anya felt that his version of the story was better and more accurate about the true identity of the things that have been taking place. Rocketship Education has faced a lot of negative critics because of the simple report from the blogger.

When the CEO of the school got to hear the news, he thought about the perfect way to handle the situation, and he has done it. The school management has addressed the blogger, claiming that he has only been telling the community about the challenges the school has been dealing with since it was introduced into the country. Richard Whitmire, person speaking to the media believes that the blogger wants to ruin the reputation the school has been trying to build and also protect in the recent times. The institution has managed to acquire a lot of success because it has laid its foundation in the right place, so it believes that it is not fair for the blogger to mess everything and discourage the teachers and parents who trust the systems that have been put in place in the company.

Richard says that this is not his first crisis since he joined the American education system. Before he could start the school, he was working in various schools, and he came across similar bloggers who wanted to ruin his reputation. Because he is already an expert in handling charter schools, Richard decided to make things better by speaking to the parents and teachers who have raised many questions since the publication of the fake news. The school CEO says that his school is in the right direction, and the results prove that they have been doing things in the right way.