21st Century Modeling & Brown Modeling Agency

We are living in some of the most modern of times. At the present moment, technology is running society in many different ways. When it comes to professional modeling, technology is being used on a daily basis. Some of the best cameras have advanced technology in them and many websites are loaded with a plethora of fun features. Have you ever heard of Brown Modeling Agency? If you haven’t heard about this company, then you’re probably not from around the Texas region of the U.S. Brown Modeling Agency is one of the leading up-and-coming agencies in the country. It has over 400 individuals that provides work for an abundance of clients. These clients just so happen to range in diversity, which is a good thing.


Brown Modeling Agency has been in business since 2010. Justin Brown, founder of the company, has taken this agency straight to the top of the ranks. Though it isn’t as well-known as some of the older modeling agencies, this company still has big market standards. There are no shortcuts to success in a sense. Yes, you can get lucky from time to time, but being consistent is the best route to take. Brown Agency is very consistent with its work. All of the talent here is well-groomed in etiquette, and etiquette goes a long way. Modeling is more than just posing and taking pictures. There must be some kind of thought in the model’s head, which transcends over into the photo. Brown Modeling Agency has professionals that works with the models to make this happen. Thanks to doing so, some of the talent has graced the prominent stages of New York Fashion Week, has graced the stages of Austin Fashion Week and has graced the stages of Miami Swim Week.




Justin Brown has always felt comfortable in Austin. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is active and the setting is more laid back. Brown Modeling Agency fits this mold perfectly thanks to its laid back style. Residents in this city are very proud of the hometown talent. Brown Modeling Agency is definitely making a huge impact on the industry as well as changing some of the old status quos. You can visit brownagency.co for more info.




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Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown to the tune on two hundred and fifty million dollars in only three years. This in no small achievement given Amazon controls nearly twenty percent on the fashion market. Unlike other companies Fabletics uses a subscription model to sell its product were customer experience, brand recognition and design are the companies focus for the modern customer. The Fabletics membership model seems to be paying off, opening a number of locations in Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California.


Fabletics has embraced reverse showrooming. Because of the membership model the company the company has turned a negative for its counterparts into a positive. With thirty to fifty percent of those that walk through the doors are already members and an additional twenty five percent become members in store. Data is also an important part of the companies success. Collecting local data on preference helps the company keep in stock items that appeal to its customers. The brand is based on fashion trends and preference data to determine satisfaction of the companies customers. With a growth rate of thirty five percent a year, growth is a factor in providing top quality products at great prices. The embrace of the new type of showrooming and customer experiences as well as scaling there ROI based Media is helping the company with its fast growth and allowing it to compete with Amazon.


Since the founding of Fabletics in twenty thirteen, the brand has been one based on empowerment. When TechStyle Fashion Group, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg needed a partner for there new athletic fashion brand Kate Hudson was the first person they thought of. A woman that is both approachable, humble, and with a very active lifestyle. It was just a perfect fit from the beginning. Kate was hands-on from the beginning whether reviewing budgets or social media strategies. Kate is very much one of the few celebrities that uses the products she endorses. She could never be anything but authentic.


The company did have a few hurdles along the way, such as some unexpected inventory delays. There was also some unwanted celebrity criticism from other celebrities such as Cher. Kate didn’t let anything get to her. She spearheaded the new customer service department and data system to insure proper inventory. Within eighteen months the company had a great rating on the Better Business Bureau and improved customer satisfaction score. With all this business success, you would think she would give up acting, but she says she is an actress and artist though and through.