Securus Technologies: Implementing Wireless Containment Systems To Tackle The Problem Of Cell Phones In Prisons

Securus Technologies has been a company that has consistently been able to deliver some of the best communications technology to prisons all over the country. The company has been offering top-tier communication services for over a decade and continues to develop and grow as they progress in the industry. The goal of the company if to be able to provide prisons with services that can help their inmates maintain a slight connection with their friends and families while adhering to the rules and regulations that have been imposed on them. In addition, Securus Technologies also aims to be able to help the legal system and maintain public safety through the implementation of several services that can benefit all.


One of the most recent implementations that Securus Technologies was known for was the Wireless Containment Systems in the country. Prisons all over the country were constantly facing the problem of inmates using cell phones that weren’t being authorized. They were mainly doing this because the phone lines that they were permitted to use were being monitored by the authorities that Securus Technologies put into place. Inmates who wanted to communicate with their allies on the outside to conduct anything illegal would have to do so through private lines, which led to the emergence of excessive cell phones in prisons.


Securus Technologies was urged to take measures to tackle this problem after several incidents arose after the emergence of these cell phones. One such incident led to a number of attacks on a correctional officer who had intercepted a package that an inmate wanted to smuggle into the prison. The inmate held a grudge against him and decided to use a private line to call for a hit on him. The correctional officer was, however, able to defend himself but did sustain a number of serious injuries.


Through this new system that Securus Technologies has implemented, inmates can try and smuggle phones, but they will not be able to do anything with them. The wireless containment systems are meant to block any kind of cell phone service in a particular area, thereby rendering cell phones useless. People cannot make calls, send messages or use any kind of mobile internet on their phones to contact people and will have to rely on the prisons communication systems to be able to get in touch with their friends and family.


In the past, prisons would conduct searches that would often be unfruitful and not yield anything. Inmates would hide their cell phones so well that even correctional officers would not be able to find. The wireless containment systems are beneficial because they provide prisons to effectively deal with the problem, and not have to entirely rely on manpower to solve the problem.