The Academy Of Art University Is Brimming With Talented Fashion Designers

The Academy of Art University has a school of fashion that recently held a fashion show. It was their 21st runway showcase, with many students and former student’s fashion designs on display. 10 MFA and BFA fashion graduates showcased their menswear and womenswear collections for all to see.

On student who originally hails from Qing Dao, China, displayed creatively inspired womenswear line. The MFA graduate was inspired by past photographs and observations on a day’s journey. Another Bay Area resident and recent MFA graduate, Eden Slezin, brought their love of vintage denim to the stage with flair. A lot of the denim came donated and is organic. Dina Marie Lam, a MFA graduate from Los Angeles, California, was also bringing her high fashion to the runway showcase. This line was inspired by the death of her aunt. This certainly impacted her and it showed in her art. Pieces was there to bring a sense of comfort and warmth. She used soft and luxurious fabrics to bring her idea to life.

The Academy of Art University is brimming with exceptional talent. It is a privately owned college that was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. It’s based in San Francisco, California. The founder believed that with proper training and instruction, designers and artists could work their way up to become professionals. At last, the dream became a reality and The Academy of Art University was born.

The private school has a number of programs in acting, architecture, communications & media technologies, game development, graphic design, and so much more. They have courses in over 25 subjects. It is the largest accredited private design and art university in the United States. They offer anything from online courses, pre-college programs, teacher grants, and much more. Their accredited degrees include M.Arch, AA, MFA, BFA, BA, and MA.

The Academy of Art University has over 11,000 enrolled students. In addition, they have 1154 part-time teachers and 238 full-time teachers. It may be interesting to know they own and operate a museum that holds over 200 vintage cars. It is called the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum.