The success story of Roberto Santiago and his Manaira shopping mall

In Brazil, mostly in the state of Paraiba, Roberto Santiago is a renowned and preeminent entrepreneur. His good work is reflected from the shopping mall that he runs and manages by himself. In the heart of Paraiba, there exists the center of all modern amenities including recreation activities and the source of entertainment- Manaira shopping mall. Under the management of it owner Roberto Santiago, this mall is one of the best in Paraiba. The success of this mall was and is still determined by different tactics and modern skills that are used by Roberto Santiago in running it.

His story in the field of business is one of the best which can be told and retold without losing its sweet taste. During his early days, Roberto Santiago worked with a décor production organization soon after graduating from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. During his stay in the University, he majored in one of the most marketable careers, business administration. This entrepreneur who is 58 years old attended his primary schooling at Pio X-Marist College. Because of his interest in business, he began his own company at a very early age. His company went by the name Cartonnage Company. This pure company improved from selling cartons to the production of some of the best décor products in the market.

Once established, no company can fail to make a profit. This was the same thing which happened with Cartonnage Company. For the best entrepreneur like Roberto Santiago, the presence of money was a source of an investment opportunity. He corrected the profit and decided to invest in the real estate sector. This happened to be one of his best moves in the business sector. This investment changed his business portfolio not negatively but positively. During the process of buying and development in the real estate sector, the vision of building Manaira Shopping Mall came out. The current beautiful and quick growing mall was started in 1987, and within two short years, the mall was complete, and it was launched for operation.

This is a no marvel mall that is also preeminent like its owner. With all modern recreational facilities inside, this mall is built on a 75 000 m2 land. With more than 280 stores in it, Manaira Shopping Mall has other services that accommodate you and your whole family. For instance, if you happen to live near this mall, your life will be unaffected. From eating place to shopping stores, Manaira Shopping Mall provides many other commercial facilities like banks and gym if you like fattiness facilities. Also if you want to further your studies, Manaira Shopping Mall comes with collages in it.


Lime Crime is offering a bolder look with its makeup

As you engage yourself in questions on whether to become an entrepreneur or not, it is important to ask yourself a couple of questions. You also need motivations and milestones in order to keep your business on Track. As an Entrepreneur, Doe Deere offered some tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur. First and foremost it is important for people to engage in things they are passionate about and not just the things that others do and get good money from. Select something you are good at and grow it. According to Doe Deere, everything requires attention and growth but something you are good to work makes it easier to be motivated towards. For every business, there has to be a challenge. For the business to grow, the challenges have to be addressed accordingly and people have to learn from their mistakes.

Doe Deere also advises that people can take up lessons through other people’s mistakes. Other people who started a business also underwent some problems at some stages in the business cycle. You can be able to pick up their mistakes as lessons and points of advice to note as you start or run your business. She goes ahead and says that beginning a business in itself is a risk so people should not shy away from engaging further in calculated risks. Fear of the unknown should not hinder anyone from engaging in risky endeavors as long as it is not blindly. This is how Doe Deere managed to start and run Lime Crime.

Lime Crime provides high-quality makeup and cosmetics to its clients. Doe Deere had a unique idea that she embraced and grew into a business. Lime Crime sets makeup trends that become a source of interest for many people. Doe Deere who is the CEO of this company was born in Russia and brought up in America, New York City. She believes in the freedom and expression of oneself through makeup. She is also a strong supporter and motivator for women in business. Doe had an early eye for art. She had an online store on eBay where she modeled her own clothes. While she conducted this business, she saw a need and opportunity for offering make up that stood out and she went for it. She has since taken up the feedback given on her products to advance and better her products for her clients. With her constant persistence and hard work since 2014, Lime Crime has become very successful in its line of work.


The Career Of Paul Mampilly

Since starting his career in 1991, Paul Mampilly has generated thousands of followers, has received recognitions across well-known platforms and has established himself as a well-respected and sought-after financial consultant across the nation over a span of 25 years. Coming from humbler beginnings, Paul Mampilly has, without a doubt, come a long way in proving he is one of if not the best at what he does. With that said, we will go over how Mampilly’s early life & education, his career as an American investor and former hedge-fund manager, and his recognitions and achievements have all been a factor for him being able to earn the tremendous success he has today.

Early Life & Education
With a career as successful as has, Paul Mampilly’s has been so far, it is interesting to see how and where he got his start from. For Mampilly, working his way up to being able to manage multi-million dollar accounts started as an analyst at Deutsche Asset Management. Here, Mampilly would prove he had a knack for his profession before, quickly switching titles by becoming a Money Manager at places like a Swiss bank and even Sears. Shortly thereafter, in 1996, he received his MBA from Fordham University in New York, proving that he had profound knowledge and skills for his profession.

Career as an American Investor and former Hedge-Fund Manager
As a financial Investor and fund manager, Paul Mampilly would find his most success. under these titles, Mampilly has been tasked with handling multi-million dollar accounts, managing billion dollar mutual funds and billion hedge funds. More importantly, he has more than profited with these accounts. Needless to say, Paul Mampilly knows what he is doing when it comes to financial advising and management. He is so well-respected for his skills that, needless to say, he is easily one of the most sought-after professional for advice in his profession.

Recognitions and Achievements
Because of his tremendous success handling money, which very few have a great skill in, Paul Mampilly has easily received numerous awards and recognitions for his work. For example, Mampilly has won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition with an account that saw returns of over 70%. In addition to that, he has also been recognized on platforms such as CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV just to name a few. Having said that, It comes with little doubt saying that Paul Mampilly has and will continue to find success in his field of work.

Mike Baur, an innovative entrepreneur with a passion to grow other entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and businessman of Swiss origin. He has been in the banking industry for over 20 years. During his working experience, he has worked for UBS and Clariden Leu. He resigned to start helping start-up companies realize their goals. In 2014, he teamed up with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer to start the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur is the managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike Baur’s main aim of starting the Swiss Startup Factory is to help in the creation of new companies in Switzerland. The other reason was to ensure that the young entrepreneurs in the Switzerland are able to work hard to achieve their entrepreneurship goals. The Swiss Startup Factory is a way in which Mike Baur and his other co-founders give back to the Swiss community.


What makes Swiss Startup Factory differ from other business incubation companies is, all three co-founders of the company have their interests vested in the success of the company. They use their own finances to run the company and ensure that the young entrepreneurs succeed in their goals. Swiss Startup Factory is an independent business entity, in that, they do not have to please any stakeholder in conducting their business. Most business incubation companies tend to work under set guidelines by their stakeholders, this tends to dilute the training processes in a bid to stick by the set rules.


Swiss Startup Factory uses the already set up economic structure of Switzerland, Mike Baur terms this as the best ecosystem in the world. How the country fails to have successful young business innovators puzzles Mike. After spending a lot of time observing and studying Swiss businesses, he realized that most young entrepreneurs are unable to execute the innovative business ideas that they come up with. Poor professionalism skills when it comes to people working together, and setting up business ideas is another reason as to why there are few young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. This leads to young business innovators to miss funding opportunities from willing investors.


Mike Baur got his motivation to assist grow young businesses from the number of successful entrepreneurs that he met during his employment days as a banker. The passion and hard work that they put into their businesses helped them succeed. Mike Baur believes that you can teach entrepreneurship in a formal setting to create awareness, but you cannot teach entrepreneurship to a person to create the mindset of an entrepreneur. Jean Claude Biver is Mike Baur’s role model when it comes to entrepreneurship. He learned a lot from watching him work hard relentlessly, regardless of the fact that he was already a successful businessman.


Hussain Sajwani Markets Real Estate By The Billions

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire and he earned every penny of it. His real estate empire extends all throughout the Middle East and Beyond. As a schoolboy he vowed to never become a businessman because his father made him work very long hours after school in the clock business owned by the family.


However, he had a change of heart when he found a great wholesale source for candy which he then proceeded to sell to his classmates at school for a nice profit. He discovered his own talents for making money with that venture.


He received a degree in engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, and then returned home to Dubai to work as an executive in an oil firm. When the Gulf Wars broke out, he formed a company to provide catering to the US Army and other major contractors. That business is still a part of his overall business empire and is still very profitable.


In 2002, Sajwani founded Damac Properties which was put in place to take advantage of a ruling from the government that allowed foreigners to take up permanent residence in the UAE. He used his experience and capital from the catering ventures to purchase land in an undeveloped area and start his first project. That development sold out withing six months. The construction of the 38 story apartment complex had not even begun yet, buy Sajwani’s explosive promotional abilities were responsible for the creation of a huge demand that carries over even unto today.


The Damac owner always pays cash for his land and never finances any portion of the rest of the projects more that a 20 percent total. Each project has a separate accounting and bank account, so that each development stands on its own. There is always sufficient reserves set aside for each project so that construction will continue even if the economy goes south.


The Hussain Sajwani family is also involved in various aspects of the business where their individual talents can be applied. Sajwani is aware of the need for passing on the legacy to family members who are involved and capable of running the business.


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Aloha Construction, Inc Launches a New Brand As They Begin Their New Roofing and Siding Season

Residents of Northern Illinois are recuperating from extremely bad hail, high winds, and storms that have left homeowners counting losses after property damage. Earlier this year, Aloha Construction, Inc answered to the owners call and launched yet another roofing and siding season to help homeowners protect their property from such natural occurrences. Since its establishment, Aloha Construction has experienced tremendous growth where it has continued to expand to other regions every year.


The bonded and trusted Aloha Construction mow serves all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Customers can now enquire for services through the new website that has been designed with the customers in mind. Aloha Construction continues to fulfill their promise of building high-quality homes through its interior restoration service that was launched in May this year.


David A. Farbaky, the president and the CEO of Aloha Construction noted that the company’s management was delighted when they completed 7,000 projects in 2013 in the State of Illinois. He also notes that Aloha Construction, Inc was delighted when they hit the 20,000 mark this year. From 2015, Aloha Construction focused its energy on providing high-quality services to their clients through their Bloomington office.


David notes that this year, Aloha Construction, Inc continues to make life easier for the residents of Midwest. He notes that the company’s focus has always been to make people feel safe and more secure in their homes. David adds that his company has provided remodeling services since 2008, and his team cannot wait to work on more homes in the coming years.


About Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction, Inc is a privately owned company of bonded and insured contractor that provides their remodeling and restoration services for Illinois and Wisconsin residents. Aloha Construction proudly serves residents in Lake, Cook, McHenry, and DuPage counties through their Lake Zurich location. They also serve residents in McClean, Washington, Peoria, Tazewell and Champaign counties through their Bloomington office.

Meet Dr.Imran Haque, a Specialized Internist

Dr. Imran Haque in an internist based in Asheboro, North Carolina. He is affiliated with many hospitals in the region including Kindred Hospital-Greensboro and Randolph Hospital. He has his office in Asheboro and Ramseur offices that serve patients from both towns and their surrounding areas. As a highly respected internist who has been practicing for more than a decade, Dr. Imran Haque is highly sought-after by many people. In his years of practicing, he has highly specialized as an internist, and he is able to provide a wide array of services.



Services Offered



Dr. Imran Haque provides services such as diabetes treatment options, assistance on controlling weight, Venus body contouring, managing diabetes, 360 resurfacing, bodily examinations, removal of hair through laser technology, and diabetes management. Therefore, Dr. Haque is sought by his patients both for precise and specialized therapies, as well as for primary care treatment. When sought for primary care, Dr. Imran Haque is able to diagnose many common ailments to his patients and make referrals to other specialists where necessary. His office is well equipped with up to date machines both for laboratory services and ultrasound.



Dr. Imran Haque’s Education Records



Offering high-quality services as that Dr. Imran Haque offers, a rich education background is essential.He attended University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem program where he earned his academic certifications as an internist. Dr. Haque is also a licensed practitioner of medicine by North Carolina authorities. Apart from from his specialist certification, Dr. Imran is also signed up in maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine.



Patient Satisfaction



Many of the patients who visit Dr. Imran Haque leave utterly satisfied. In fact, the rate at which they recommend his service is 4.5 out of 5. Most people prefer him because he also accepts insurance covers from various insurance companies in the region. It would be unmerited not to mention Dr. Haque’s dedicated staff. They always appreciate their patients and address their issues carefully. When handling you, these professionals take measures to ensure that you are not under fear. This is what every patient wants when they visit a healthcare facility.

Todd Lubar: The Ultimate Baltimore Real Estate Investor Magnate

Do you need a place to live in Baltimore, Maryland? Have you ever heard of the exceptional and superb investor known as Todd Lubar? Well, he is a real estate investor from wonderful New Jersey. Recently, Lubar talks about the younger professional demographic population increasing in the charming and thriving area of Baltimore. Jobs are growing, which is bringing an expansion of the public transportation system. This also includes the various options of increasing apartment options, which shows an increase in the economy. Lubar just wants to help people to get their loan approved and launch their business, venture or simply buying a house. Lubar also mentions the many notable conversions of certain landmarks in the Baltimore area. The building on 10 Light Street has been converted into different levels, which include a training center and a gym. This will definitely attract millennials to work out and feel like renting out an apartment or buying a condo in the area.

According to Patch, Lubar thanks his rewarding accomplishments to his education. Lubar attended Syracuse University in 1995 for his Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication. He always tried different methods to make himself perform better when taking exams and him trying to get the highest score possible. Lubar always participated in class discussions and always asked questions to make sure he knew everything about the class topic. He kept in touch with his college friends, which helped him to grow his network of connections that he can utilize later in life. Thanks to his education, Lubar was indeed able to acquire a job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation around 1995-1999. He was always the best employee from his competitive peers. Check out Medium to know more.

Todd Lubar was highly regarded throughout his work ethic and swiftly was offered a corporate executive position at another company. Legacy Financing Group catapulted his career in the real estate industry. In Legacy Financing Group, he was in charged to generate $100 million dollars each year in loan volume as well as equity. Right after, he accepted a job as the Senior Vice President in Charter Funding, which he expanded from real estate to other significant independent ventures such as a recycling business that would make him more prestigious in the field.

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